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Sherry Anne Ministries

Office (bookings, info, sales, etc)
  • 2044 Genesee Street
  • Utica, NY 13502
  • 315-735-1947
  • (This is the office. Please leave a message)
Thinking about requesting Sherry Anne but have a small church? Collaborate with other churches in the area to create a larger concert or conference event. Or, consider asking a business to sponsor, or plan a fundraiser. Contact Kara below for more ideas!


Arya's Song Music/BMI
  • Want to record one of my songs?
  • Sure! Contact info same as above :)

Public Relations Rep/Media

Kara Lynn Dunn
  • 315-465-7578
  • Please type "Sherry Anne" in the subject line

Rev. Sharon LaBella

Biblical Counselor, Speaker, Minister
For teaching CD's or to reach my mother, Rev. Sharon LaBella, please fill out this form completely or write her at Thank you!
Name: Email: Comment: Phone Number: I am interested in: