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Pastor Steve Qualls, Christpoint Church, Sparta, TN

"What a wonderful spirit, testimony and talent. Sherry Anne is such an encouragement. We were blessed to have her worship with us recently. I would recommend my new friend Sherry Anne to pastors and churches of all styles. Whether your church is a traditional, conservative, progressive or contemporary, trust me, you'll be glad you did."

Jon Fredric West, D.M.A. - Opera Singer/Voice Instructor, NY

Whether one believes in such Faith or not I know this woman and she has done remarkable achievements as she is hearing impaired. She has made a true life of service and faith and consistently singing beautifully. She is the real deal.

Dr. (Rabbi) Justin Elwell, Beit Chased Messianic Community, NY

“To only hear Sherry Anne sing is a blessing; but to know what she has overcome in her life by the grace of God is an amazing testimony of His Sovereignty! Through her music Sherry Anne gives bold witness to His power to move all obstacles from the path of those He has called for His purpose. You will be blessed by the voice, the testimony and the Presence of the great I Am!”

Judy Kampman, Guest Service Volunteer, Riverview Conference Center, Cedar Falls, Iowa

“It is a great honor to be asked to give my comments regarding Sherry Anne and her ministry. We had the privilege of having her at a Women’s Tea event at our Bible Conference grounds in Cedar Falls, Iowa a few years ago. She had never been in our area so she was a new speaker and everyone loved her so much. We had someone here from Pennsylvania and they were so pleased with her testimony and talents that they wanted her contact so they could invite her to a ladies’ event they were planning. (understand it was a great event as well)

Sherry Anne has become a dear friend and always enjoying seeing her at the National Quartet Convention and following her on social network. She has grown so much in her many talents and testimony. I would drive miles to hear her again. I can guarantee for anyone that would have her to their event -- you will be blessed.”

Barbara Griffin, "ALL IN" Singles Conference, Painted Post, NY (attendee)

What an AMAZING life changing weekend. Your ministry was right ON the mark!! Many eyes were opened and A LOT of spirits healed. Many took home your message and will use it as a life changing tool! This weekend was something that should be shared with many many more singles!!!! You and your mom changed & blessed MANY lives

Judy Perkins, coordinator Jeremiah Christian Coffeehouse, NY

“Sherry Anne always blesses everyone who hears her sing. She has an amazing voice and makes you feel that she truly believes everything she is singing about. They are not just words they are a testimony. Sherry has not let her hearing loss stop her from spreading God's message. She uses the gift to glorify Him. Whether she is singing gospel music, contemporary Christian music, or hymns she will "knock your socks off." I know if you have Sherry sing at your event it will be a time you will not soon forget.”

Ben Speer, President, Stamps-Baxter School of Music, TN

"This lady is hearing-impaired and I don’t understand how she can sing so well on pitch…she is special…”

Donna Green, Poland, NY

"Sherry Anne’s God-given gift of song is a picture of vocal purity, but above all is how she uses her exceptional gift to minister to her audience personally through the words of every carefully chosen song. This is not just entertainment!"

Pastor Kent and Colleen McHeard, Woestina Reformed Church, NY

Pastor Kent: "Thank you Sherry Anne and Sharon for coming to minister to us. As always, I enjoyed Sherry Anne's music and ministry of word, but I was particularly blessed to hear Sharon's exhortation, encouragement and exegesis of the Scriptures. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU."

Colleen (Pator's wife): "Thank you both for coming. The two of you are an excellent ministry combination!"

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