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SA's: Media

Judy Kampman, Guest Service Volunteer, Riverview Conference Center, Cedar Falls, Iowa

“It is a great honor to be asked to give my comments regarding Sherry Anne and her ministry. We had the privilege of having her at a Women’s Tea event at our Bible Conference grounds in Cedar Falls, Iowa a few years ago. She had never been in our area so she was a new speaker and everyone loved her so much. We had someone here from Pennsylvania and they were so pleased with her testimony and talents that they wanted her contact so they could invite her to a ladies’ event they were planning. (understand it was a great event as well)

Sherry Anne has become a dear friend and always enjoying seeing her at the National Quartet Convention and following her on social network. She has grown so much in her many talents and testimony. I would drive miles to hear her again. I can guarantee for anyone that would have her to their event -- you will be blessed.”

Pastor Kent and Colleen McHeard, Woestina Reformed Church, NY

Pastor Kent: "Thank you Sherry Anne and Sharon for coming to minister to us. As always, I enjoyed Sherry Anne's music and ministry of word, but I was particularly blessed to hear Sharon's exhortation, encouragement and exegesis of the Scriptures. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU."

Colleen (Pator's wife): "Thank you both for coming. The two of you are an excellent ministry combination!"

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