100 Huntley Street TV PROGRAM!!

I am going to be a on National Television show Nov. 24, 2009!! Check out 100 Huntley Street on Crossroads TV. This is Canada's longest running daily talk show. I will be interviewed and will also share a song…


T-shirts available!

I am THRILLED to announce that I have created an original patriotic/spiritual T-shirt (with the help of graphic designer Nancy Heinz-Yerka) that is now for sale through both my website and my office. Please visit the STORE to see


Singing News and NQC!

Hey everybody, check out p. 81 of September's SINGING NEWS Magazine--I'm in there! Come see me September 14-17, 2009 at the NQC in Louisville, KY, booth #361. Hope to see you there! 


Opening for Gordon Mote!

Everyone should be so blessed in their lifetime to share the stage with the legendary (at least in my mind) Gordon Mote. The evening was INCREDIBLE! Thank you to all who came--special thanks to Mark Bolos, Bob and Gordon for…


Clancy Premiere

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support CLANCY at the Uptown Theatre! 

Clancy is a movie that will entertain people of all ages. “Unfortunately the single biggest influence on our families is the media and movies.” says Moore…

Opening for the Martins!

Opening for THE MARTINS (of the Gaither Homecoming Series) was incredible!  What a night! Thank you Joyce, Judy and Jonathan!!!



The Perfect Gift

This month, I had the opportunity to appear in The Perfect Gift, my second film with Kelly's Filmworks!! Check out the pictures and video clip. Available on DVD.


Artist of the Month

THANK YOU Brain Larson and WNGN (91.9 FM- Albany, NY) for chosing me to be the artist of the month and special thanks to Jacobs Well, Oneida Community Church, Corinth Free Methodist, First Baptist Church of Whitehall and Hadley-Luzerne Wesleyan…


CD Release

My debut CD, "Thank You," was released on September 19, 2008 at Jeremiah's House in Clinton, NY. THANK YOU to all who came and supported this effort. A special thanks to Judy Perkins for hosting this event A sample…


I'm in a movie!

Did you know that I had the opportunity to appear in a Christian film called CLANCY? Yup! I was a news reporter in one scene and an extra in another. Imagine that! A speech-impaired girl as a news anchor! Hmm…