Tribute to David T. Camp... a remarkable man

I received an email today that the precious young son of Pastor John and Kristy Camp, David, went home to be with the Lord, after 5 days on life support as the result of a gruesome motor vehicle accident.  

I am speechless. I am restless. I am grieved.

Yet, I can not help but to give "thanks to God" in this situation, much like the apostle Paul commanded us to when he wrote, "Rejoice in ALL things, again I say, rejoice!" (Phil 4:4)

"How could I possibly rejoice over the death of one so undeserving?" you ask. Many may wonder, "What kind of God would do this?" or "Where is God in all this?" I assure you, God was never more present than in the hospital room at the bedside of David Camp. From the moment you entered the room, you could tell you entered a Holy Sanctuary-- a resting place. You were standing on Holy Ground, so much so that I took my shoes off on the last day that I was privileged to pray with David and his family. 

A sweet spirit and a "Holy Hush" could be felt hovering over David's bed. I have never seen Angels, but I tell you, they were present that day. I watched a dynamic family, devoted to ministry and devoted to each other walk out a walk of faith that they have preached about and believed in for so long... and to what avail? They couldn't bring him back. They did see him "Rise up and walk." He didn't come forth like Lazarus did after being dead 4 days. But, the family did witness the resurrection of hearts; hearts that were once lost but now found. They did get to witness hope that was gone become restored as they, together, encouraged, uplifted, supported and loved one another in the name of Jesus Christ--tearing down walls and establishing a bond of unity.

I write to tell you, my friends, that David did, too, resurrect. During the night, David Camp walked out of that hospital bed and straight into the arms of his Heavenly Father, who was standing there with arms opened wide, saying "This is MY son in whom I am well pleased." David, a musician and worship leader for his church is singing a new song tonight: one that the Creator wrote just for him-- a song that only he can sing. And he singing it before his King...and his Maker.

 WE were created for God's glory (honor) and it will only truly be revealed when we are all fulfilling our one true purpose-- that which we were created for. We are to worship and praise ONE only... our lives are to be a reflection of His holiness, His purity and His love. Today, David Camp has achieved that highest honor...sing David, sing!

* I wish to express sincere gratitude to the Camp family for the privilege and honor of singing about our Lord and Savior during this beautiful memorial service. May His peace continuously comfort you (Jn 14:27). ~Sherry Anne