Tribute to Kurt B. Wyman

It is June again. Hard to believe it was almost one year ago today when I shared with you my thoughts on the short, but, well lived life of David T. Camp. And now, I regret to say, that yet another beautiful young man has gone home to be with be with God. That man is Deputy Kurt B. Wyman.  I was privileged to know, not only Kurt, but a portion of his immediate family-- I thought they were golden, to say the least. I would often remark to Kurt, when I would see him doting on his adoring wife or his radiant 16 month old son, that he was "just precious." I told him "I nominate you for 'Father of the Year' or 'Couple of the Year.'" At one point, I think I told him "I nominate you for 'Policeman of the Year.'"

You know, I think he just garnered that award today. Not only was he taken down in the line of duty, but, he was also recognized for various achievements for his work. Perhaps, though, the greatest reward he will receive is the open arm embrace of our Lord and Savior who will say, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant." A husband, a father, a son, a brother, a nephew, a grandson, a sheriff, a soldier, a role model, a believer in Christ, a comrade... and, above all, a friend. Deputy Wyman: we take our hats off to you and we salute you. Thank you--you will NOT be forgotten...

In His Love, Sherry Anne