Blue Christmas--- now a White Christmas thanks to YOU!

Friends, Family Members, Pastors, Prayer Warriors and everyone in between,

I humbly and graciously thank you!!!!! God, through each and every one of you, has provided a way for this goal to be met! In other words, WE DID IT!!!

I am truly thankful to think you would all come along side of me and support this project. This was a "fan" requested project and so I turned to you for help. Some of the money was, in fact, borrowed by a generous lender who pledged the balance to insure the money was not lost, as this was an all-or- nothing campaign.

When my payment arrives from Go Fund Me, I will be paying the lender back first. Go Fund Me will also take a considerable percentage off the top. So, I will be left with about $5,500 (out of the $8,500 raised) to make this CD project. As this was stated from the beginning to be a smaller project, this amount is very doable with the right producer and studio. I am praying about that and have been in negotiations with various people and appreciate your continual prayers for wisdom as I wish to be the best steward of this money.

Once again, I thank you.... and for anyone wishing that they got in on this, it's not too late-- it is okay to go over your goal! Many have been sending checks via mail as well. Here is the link if interested: In any event, our campaign was successful and I am most blessed...

"All things are possible to him (or her!) who believes (Mark 9:23). Thank you for believing with me. Looks like there won't be any "Blue Christmas" this year!!!

On behalf of Elvis and I... "thank you, thank you very much!!!!!" By the way, all of you who pledged, will be getting the CD's first-- hot off the press! Will be keeping you posted! This project can take from 6 months to a year to finish so make sure you are signed up to get my monthly emails at for all the latest updates. Love to you all!!!