Anybody from the music field knows this: to sing you have to be able to hear. And how this young girl does this, I do not know... she has a terrific voice.” - Bill Gaither

— The Chapel, CrossPoint Campus, Getzville, NY

One of the challenges of inviting a guest to share from your platform, no matter how professional or articulate, is having confidence to trust the testimony and words being spoken or sung will be true and are consistent with the everyday life of the message bearer. Sherry Anne is such a servant to be so trusted, totally dedicated to excellence in ministry and in her resolve to live life worthy of the calling with which she has been called.” - Gary VanRiper

— Senior Pastor, Camden Wesleyan Church, Camden, NY

What a wonderful spirit, testimony and talent. Sherry Anne is such an encouragement. We were blessed to have her worship with us recently. I would recommend my new friend Sherry Anne to pastors and churches of all styles. Whether your church is a traditional, conservative, progressive or contemporary, trust me, you'll be glad you did.” - Steve Qualls

— Senior Pastor Christpoint Church, Sparta, TN

When planning any church event or conference, I’ve come to realize there is always a degree of risk when inviting someone you’ve never heard before, to fill the role of the main speaker for any event. I’m very pleased to say Sherry Anne’s participation at our recent Christian singles conference did not disappoint! She “keeps it real” as she navigates easily and with precision through her music, life story, and humorous quips. Her style grips and holds the attention of her audience; touching the soul, bringing tears of healing and joy. I highly recommend Sherry Anne’s ministry for your next singles conference! ” - Wesley Reed

— Senior Pastor Cornerstone Fellowship Newark, NY

Sherry Anne's ministry was amazing! Many of the singles who came to the conference said it was the best of all of them! And it was Family Life's 21st Singles Conference!” - Debbie Fero

— Family Life Adult Ministries Event Coordinator, Bath, NY

What an AMAZING life changing weekend. Your ministry was right ON the mark!! Many eyes were opened and A LOT of spirits healed. Many took home your message and will use it as a life changing tool! This weekend was something that should be shared with many many more singles!!!! You and your mom changed & blessed MANY lives.” - Barbara Griffin

— Attendee, "ALL IN" Singles Conference, Painted Post, NY

It is a great honor to be asked to give my comments regarding Sherry Anne and her ministry. We had the privilege of having her at a Women’s Tea event at our Bible Conference grounds in Cedar Falls, Iowa a few years ago. She had never been in our area so she was a new speaker and everyone loved her so much. We had someone here from Pennsylvania and they were so pleased with her testimony and talents that they wanted her contact so they could invite her to a ladies’ event they were planning. (understand it was a great event as well) Sherry Anne has become a dear friend and always enjoying seeing her at the National Quartet Convention and following her on social network. She has grown so much in her many talents and testimony. I would drive miles to hear her again. I can guarantee for anyone that would have her to their event -- you will be blessed.” - Judy Kampman

— Guest Service Volunteer, Riverview Conference Center, Cedar Falls, IA

We recently invited Sherry Anne to be our speaker and vocalist at our View Point Women's Breakaway in Mesa, AZ.. She met every expectation and we stand amazed at how effective she was in each message she shared and with each song she sang. Some of the comments we received from the women who attended are: "The speaker/singer was wonderful and presented the gospel very well," "Wonderful speaker!", "Our time with Sherry Anne was fabulous. Sherry Anne was excellent speaker and singer, " "Amazing," "Very powerful and her testimony is so moving," "Great speaker," "Sherry Anne is a wonderful woman. I would love to follow her," "Sherry Anne was so inspirational," "Sherry Anne's gift of song and prayer are beautiful things," and "Sherry Anne is a wonderful speaker, singer, and motivator." I highly recommend Sherry Anne as a conference speaker and singer. She was delightful to work with in every way. ” - Joy Doubleday

— Director, View Point Women's Breakaway, Mesa, AZ

Sherry Anne is the real deal, and that was evident when she was the keynote speaker and vocalist at our mission conference, God's Worthy Women. This conference is a one-day annual conference that has been held for over a decade, hosting over 200 women. The comments I received from the conference committee and participants were basically, she hit the mark. She presented God's message and brought the gospel of Jesus Christ into focus and clarity. Would I book her, only one word – Absolutely.” - Bob Ruesch

— Sr Chaplain, Christian Resort Ministries, Evergreen, CO

Sherry Anne was featured at our 9th annual God's Worthy Women conference in Feb. of 2017. It was our most successful one ever as commented on our evaluation sheets. The women were blessed, personally touched by the presentation, and absolutely loved Sherry's testimony of faith. Her singing was amazing, as well as her love of the Lord.” - Leila Preuss

— Chairman, Christian Resort Ministries, Pharr, TX