Clancy Premiere

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support CLANCY at the Uptown Theatre! 

Clancy is a movie that will entertain people of all ages. “Unfortunately the single biggest influence on our families is the media and movies.” says Moore (writer/director), “If we as Believers want to compete in the shaping of our world, we have to make movies that people want to watch that incorporate messages from the Gospel brought forth within the context of an entertaining storyline.”

So check out today and support this film. Let's give Christian films a place on the map...and me a chance at the Oscars! :)

* CLANCY is now available on DVD. Yup! You can have me right in your living room! Go to Kelly's Filmworks and purchase your copy today...oh yea, and in the box where you can leave a comment, tell them I sent you! It won't get you a discount nor will I get anything for it but it just might make the producers smile!